When my stroke happened in September 2016, my whole right side was affected.  The numbness went to the core of my body, from my toes to the top of my head.  This impacted my tongue, my swallowing, my skin, and my hearing was partially reduced.

As I was recovering from the stroke, many of the effects were reducing slowly.  It felt like I was slowly healing from inside.  However, the hearing was not improving.

As I was considering our final prayer time with the church, I felt that we were to be anointed for my healing and for service to ministry (Js. 5:14).  We shared with the prayer team in obedience to this prompting.

We were anointed with oil and several people prayed and laid their hands on me.  Then there were other prayers for our going out for our ministry.

I did not notice an immediate change in my situation, but after I left the group, I noticed that my hearing was “normal,” back to what it was before.  I checked it out with Rachel and shared with her about what happened.

The rest of my body is still slowly healing and recovering what was lost though the stroke.

Thank you Jesus!!!


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