There is so much to this story and I would be happy to put the shortened version on the blog. Nine years ago my wife and I had just been married a few years and had two very small children. She was not working and I was making millions as a young elementary teacher. I made a careless decision to trade in our Chevy trailblazer which we still owed almost ten grand on for a new GMC Envoy. I know the decision was wrong at the time but tried to convince myself we needed an even bigger SUV for the rest of our 8 children that we were going to eventually have. To make a really long story short, the dealer we traded our vehicle into was involved in some really bad deals and never paid off our trade in which made us still responsible. So there we were with a brand new SUV and still responsible for an SUV that we didn’t even have. I refused to make payments on the truck we sold and took the guy who wronged us to court. We won the case, the problem was he had closed up shop and fled the area to escape his problems. So, we were still responsible as our credit score took a major dive. I decided it was time to make our wrong a right and begin making payments again on that vehicle we didn’t have so we could get out from under this 4 year legal battle. After paying the truck off, all ten grand, I swallowed my pride and chalked it up as a lesson learned, I would never see that ten grand again and strive to make better decisions. Over the course of the next 4 years my “better decisions” were actually the opposite. I made several terrible decisions as a husband and a father and 2 years ago God changed my life forever. I made a decision to follow him. After being raised in a Christian home and even getting a Bible degree I never made the decision to follow him until my life was a wreck. For the last two years God has blessed my family. My wife now owns a business and I am now a MULTI millionaire in the teaching industry. 🙂 This January I decided to read through the Bible again but this time in chronological order. That is significant to this story because Job gets put in the middle of Genesis. I started out the year making a goal to get a better handle on our finances. I spent a while one day moving our money around and really taking a hold of where money was going and what to save. At that exact moment I hit the book of Job. While reading through Job and all of his hardships and terrible friends along the way I began having car trouble. I asked God repeatedly to provide so that I wouldn’t have to move any money from the savings to the checking to pay our bills. Then I had more car trouble but lucky for me we had just enough in the checking and I didn’t have to pull from savings. Then the 3rd problem with my car was happening in just 3 weeks. I now will have paid almost 2000 dollars on random car repairs. I know it sounds silly, but I thought seriously God? I tithe every single week, I give you the first of my check. I make a decision to get a better hold of our finances and you instantly hit me with this. I was now ready to pull money from our newly constructed savings account to pay all of our bills. But first, I went grocery shopping. I spend a little more than I should have but that’s what happens when you send a man to get food. I got home and opened the mailbox. This man that had wronged us 9 years ago had been caught in the last two years and they were making him pay us back. There in my mailbox was a check for…wait for it…1800 dollars, almost the exact amount of the repair costs for my car. Such a small issue compared to Job but a really good lesson. I learned two lessons that day. Trust God and tithe your first fruits. The Bible instructs us to trust him and give to him not because he needs it, but because he wants us to trust in him.


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