Our daughter, Raelyn, has a program on her iPad at school called Seesaw where her teacher periodically types questions in and the students have to go in and answer them. Today’s question was, “What is something you love and why?”  I (Jen) have the app on my phone so I can see this question and Raelyn’s response as soon as it’s written.  Her response to the above question was, “I love God because he first loved me”.  When I saw this my heart burst with pride and I quickly texted Fred the question and Raelyn’s response.  We were both very proud parents of our special girl.  But the story gets even better.  When she got home and I was talking with her about it she replied with, “It’s the only thing that came to my mind”.  This is the best part of the story for us.  You see, she has been prophesied over as having a prophetic call on her life and we’ve been specifically praying for her ears to be open to hearing God’s voice.  We believe that the reason this is the only thing she thought of was because God was speaking directly to her and her ears were tuned to him.  The fact is, as a 7 year old she could have had any number of things going through her mind about the things she loves.  Pets, toys, books, activities she’s involved in; gymnastics and piano, or the people in her life; siblings, parents, grandparents, etc.  The list is endless.  But none of these things even crossed her mind. Her mind was completely clear of earthly desires and 100% available to hear God speaking to her.  This has really boosted our faith and increases our urgency to pray into our children’s lives.


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